VortexBox 2TB Automatic CD ripping NAS

Storage capacity for 6000 CDs in lossless FLAC format or 500 ripped DVD movies

The VortexBox Appliance is a small low power CD ripping NAS (Network Attached Storage) that can automatically rip CDs to it's internal hard drive and serve them to any network player.

Low Power CPU - very quiet, has only one small quiet fan
2 GB RAM - plenty of power for multiple audio and video streams
2TB hard drive - low power, low noise
Dual Layer DVD burn drive - very accurate ripping of audio CDs
Gigabit Ethernet - for fast file transfer
Small Size - 3.75" H x 11.1" W x 11.1" D


  • Draws only 24 watts of power when fully on. Costs about $20 a year to run all the time.
  • Automatically rip CDs and DVDs that are inserted in the DVD drive to the hard drive.
  • Automatically tags all music files from online music database.
  • Automatically downloads the CD cover art.
  • Automatic sharing of file to SMB (Microsoft) file shares.
  • Logitech Media Server pre-loaded for use with Logitech SqueezeBox media players.
  • Automatic reindexing of Logitech Media Server and Sonos after every CD is ripped.
  • DLNA support - for Windows 7 media player and other DLNA compliant players.
  • AppleTalk - for OSX or Bonjour for Windows.
  • NFS - For Linux boxes and almost anything else, Solaris etc.
  • Works well as a backend server for XBMC (XBOX Media Center) running on XBOX, Windows, OSX, AppleTV, or Linux.
  • Good support for Sonos music players.
  • Selectable 120v or 240v power. Works in any country.
VortexBox 2TB Automatic CD ripping NAS
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Price $529.00

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